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The page that's build just for my fun.

(Maybe someone else also has some fun with it ?
Anyway, a big Mermgfurt to you !)

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2006-01-10: Bad News. If you can understand German, just read on here.

2006-01-03: Fascinating, I'm really getting lots of questions about the "Mermgfurt"- thing and until today I only had a german Mermgfurt-Page. Because so many non-german speakers want to know what's behind it, I translated it to english and now I also have an english Mermgfurt-Page! And always think about it: no one can deny the historical facts when there is evidence!

2005-12-28: Added Tube and Lukasz Dembinski's Web-Traffic-Limiter to my Link page.

And big news: I'll place ads on my pages to get some of the money back which I have to pay my provider for hosting these sites. Selling content isn't a real option so I'll try it this way. Don't worry, I won't put an overkill of ads onto my pages, just here and there, minimization will be priority number one.

BTW, Google says they try to put ads on the pages which has something to do with the content of my pages. We'll see, what they really put onto those banners...

BTW, CCC is running since yesterday. 4 days of a great event until midnight and even longer...

2005-12-06: Viva Las Vegas! Watch my 2004-holiday-pics on my Gallery-Pages and have fun! Sin City is the best city of the world.

Copyright restrictions apply again: non-commercial use allowed, commercial use prohibited except special agreements!

2005-11-21: I renewed the links-page, because some Linux-links have to be added. This topic is a real runner and you can't be as fast as everything what's happenig on the internet around Linux. On one hand it's good to move forward, but on the other hand I have a lot of work...

Another special information: the Pumpkinqueen got more on her page right now, in fact she's got galleries on her page. Too bad that I appear on some of those pics...*argl*

2005-11-15: Wow, Timothy Moldrey got his own page now! It went straight into my link-list

Another Point I'd like to make: I now have galleries on my pages. It starts with my last holiday on the Canary Island La Palma. If you want to use those images for private purposes I don't have any problems with it. But you are not allowed to use them commercially without contacting me first! I have the full copyrights on those pictures!

BTW, the images have 1280-resolution, aka 1 megapixel. Of course, the real ones are much bigger: 5 megapixel. So if you want to have some of them, please contact me.

A special thanks goes to Dave Madison for his great tool album which I used to create those galleries. One last point: the whole gallery is labelled in german language. But I think you can understand most of it even when you don't know German.

2005-11-14: New Outfit, new stuff. At the german news I have more to say, nevertheless, sometimes even here things are changing. I hope I can change the stuff here more often. But I won't promise anything!


The greatest woman of the world:
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Watch my photo skills here:
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My programmed stuff:
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=> The Mermgfurt-Page!
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